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available for most vehicles 1999 to 2014

Plug and Play fog light wiring harness for your vehicle.

Our fog light wiring harness is the best available on the market. It is also superior to OEM's in that when the high beams are activated your foglights do not have to turn off.  You can even turn your fog lights on with only the parking lights if you want to. If you already have the fog lights this kit and a switch is all you need to complete the installation.

This wiring harness is professionally manufactured (see picture above) and includes high quality weatherproof connectors. If you are intimidated by the wiring, do not be, installing the wiring harness is made as simple as possible and instructions are included. If you should need any help technical support is available. No cutting of factory wires is needed, you only need to hook up the supplied wiring harness to power, ground, and tap into one factory wire. Instructions for installing everything are provided. Most amateur installs will take 30 - 60 minutes at most.

This wiring kit is available for most vehicles and designed for the 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 series and comes complete with the proper connectors for your fog light bulbs.

Kit Includes:

1. Manufactured Wiring harness complete with relay, and fuse.
2. Installation Wiring Instructions and Technical support.

Vehicle Year, Make, and Model
Vehicle Year, Make, and Model
Vehicle Year, Make, and Model
Vehicle Year, Make, and Model
Vehicle Year, Make, and Model
The following units include a harness section into the vehicle for connection to the OEM switch (switch not included) for OEM installation appearance and operation.
Vehicle Year, Make, and Model

Kits start at $69, plus shipping & handling charges, depending on model and functions request a quotation

We can also provide harnesses for driving lights, auxiliary lights, and many other custom installations - provide us with a sketch and we will quickly provide you with a quotation.

All you need is the vehicle and less than an hour of your time.

Save Money and Gain flexibility

You are now able to purchase the fog light assemblies of your choice without having to spend up to $250 or more for the wiring harness that is included in kits from some of our competitors.


Please provide the Year, and Model of your vehicle, we need the fog lamp bulb number that your fog lights utilize so we can supply you with the proper connectors to match your fog light bulbs. Provide the lamp number your fog lights utilize in the Paypal comment area when ordering to get the proper lamp connectors


  • ONE YEAR warranty on all parts.
  • All parts are NEW.
Payment Options:
  • Flat rate shipping if you are inside the 50 United States.
  • If you have an APO address please message us for a shipping quote.
  • If you are outside the United States please please message us with your country and postal code.
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